Enjoy the Fruits of Clean and Sustainable Energy

by on February 18, 2017

Did you feel guilty at times, having to utilize the electricity supplied by the government that was produced by burning of fossil fuels? If yes, and if you always wanted to reduce your carbon footprints, here is an easy way to leave the past behind you. You can now get a small hydroelectric plant installed in your area to start receiving clean and green energy generated from flowing water. Of course this requires the presence of a water body with flowing water in your area. But you would be surprised to know that it is possible to generate small amounts of electricity through a small river or stream with water that is just 2 feet deep. These are the reasons why there are so many small hydroelectric plants in the US already operating.

Micro hydroelectric power plants for sale on internet might surprise you a little bit. But the fact is that you can get installed a power plant that produces electricity from flowing water to fulfill the requirements of your household. The concept of small hydro power plants is not new and mankind has known about these small power plants since the early part of the 19th century. In fact, the principle behind these mini power plants and huge hydro power projects is the same. The biggest difference lies in the fact that there is no need to build huge dams for the generation of electricity. This means that there is no impact on the ecology and the wildlife and absolutely no displacement of the habitants. With a small hydropower plant set up to produce electricity from water from the river or stream near your home, you can reduce your carbon footprints and make use of clean and green energy.

As the name implies, small hydropower plants are units that produce small quantities of power. But even these entities are divided into 4 categories depending upon how much electricity they generate.

• The smallest of these hydro power plants are called pico (less than 5 kilowatts).
• The next in this classification is micro hydro power plant producing 5-100 kilowatts of electricity.
• Third one in this classification is mini hydro power plant producing 100kw to 1 MW of energy.
• The largest power plants in this category are called small and they generate 1-10 MW of electricity.

The prices of set up of all these subcategories of hydro power plants are different. You can learn about small hydro power plant cost by visiting websites of companies making them.

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