Going Green with Small Hydropower Plants

by on February 18, 2017

Hydroelectricity is not new and this type of electricity is being made in many countries of the world depending upon availability of water bodies and conditions that are ideal for setting up of power pants. You imagine big dams and displaced populations whenever you think of hydropower projects. But what would you say if told that you can enjoy this clean and green energy in your home without spending huge amount of money that is used for building of dams. Yes, this is what is appealing to all those who are conscious about their carbon footprint and want to switch to a cleaner form of energy. There are dozens of small hydroelectric plants in US. These power plants currently operating in different parts of the country are bringing in a silent revolution in the lives of the people.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can start to receive hydro electricity generated with the help of a stream of water that is just 2 feet deep and situated almost a mile from your home. Yes, small hydro plants do not require setting up of a reservoir and they are thus very cost effective sources of electricity. However, it requires research of the prevailing conditions prior to setting up of a small hydro power plant for the generation of electricity. You can learn a lot about these sources of clean and reliable energy if you visit small hydropower plants for sale on internet.

Benefits of micro hydroelectric power plants

• Minimal impact on environment
• Constant electricity supply without interruptions
• No burning of fossil fuels like coal or diesel
• No air and sound pollution
• No emission of polluting gases
• Ability to serve far flung and inaccessible areas
• No need to build dams and reservoirs
• Very cost effective
• Reliable source of energy

There are many different kinds of small hydropower plants that differ in design and structure because of the difference in topography and water body structures. You can request a company offering small hydropower plants for sale to do feasibility study in your area so that you know small hydro power plant cost before deciding to get it installed.

You can not only minimize your carbon footprint through installation of a small hydro power plant in your area but also hope to earn income by diverting surplus energy to the national grid. Your small hydro electric plant can also help to supply drinking water in the nearby areas.

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